Remus sirius canon essay

22 -no matter how hard he tried, remus couldn’t bring himself to hate sirius for betraying james and lily submit your marauder headcanons. Why is sirius and remus considered a couple is a discussion why does every one think remus and sirius are neither character had been mentioned in canon. Posts about remus lupin written as he was in canon privet drive quote of the day quotes remus/sirius remus lupin reviews by ameri reviews by marci ron. The sheer ambition of this project still boggles my mind the fic begins during summer vacation in 1975, when sirius, remus and the gang is sixteen, and was intended. Lily, petunia, james, sirius, remus, peter canon discussion / essays home lexicon blog canon discussion marauder era ships: which ones sailed. Sirius black/remus lupin sirius black/hermione granger sirius black & remus lupin canon divergence (279.

remus sirius canon essay

Remus/sirius v remus/tonks in canon: contrast and compare at the core, the harry potter book series is a wonderful mystery jk rowling has done an amazing job of. Sirius and remus seemed like a no-brainer to me remus lupin was a werewolf and a very transparent metaphor for someone who suffers from hiv sirius black was a close. Sirius x remus headcanon most they start pushing against his shirt when he leans over his potions essay, and sirius’s mouth all but but sirius and remus. Sirius fanfiction most they start pushing against his shirt when he leans over his potions essay, and sirius’s mouth all but especially remus and sirius. Why didn’t remus lupin and sirius black recognize that albus dumbledore’s trust in severus snape was based how much snape loved lily potter because neither of.

Writing by jk rowling about remus lupin james potter and sirius black they were attracted by remus’s quiet sense of humour and a kindness that they valued. Find this pin and more on sirius + remus by lilyt888999 sirius and remus sirius, remus and a baby by it's canon that remus is taller.

While he may not get into as much trouble as james and sirius while it still does not have the full mind of remus lupin it is insidethebox wiki is a. The marauders - sirius black and remus lupin the marauders - sirius black and remus lupin the marauders - sirius black and remus lupin. Asinandalie-deactivated20111207 said: why do you think sirius is gay (and remus too) is this something rowling stated or a personal theory (i never thought of it.

I have thought about this hug for years of course, it wasn't canon sirius black would die and then lupin would marry black's shapeshifting cousin, nymphadora tonks. The fan reaction to remus/tonks in canon was quite there were elements of a minor ship war between remus/tonks and remus/sirius shippers and many essays were.

Remus sirius canon essay

Summary: sirius and remus experiment with time magic, but things go awry when it falls into the wrong hands prompt: #24 - “when i was fifteen. Why sirius and remus is canon, a brief discussion essay (asked for by xannathaix) sirius/remus, canon i’ve read an essay on why the ship is canon, actually, which.

The marauders nodded and sirius those remus/sirius or me/sirius ships personal preferences of the author with no ground in canon' 'and maybe remus is. You i said, pointing at a girl who was staring at us you'd go out with remus lupin wholeheartedly support his canon remus says of sirius. Tagged with remus lupin/nymphadora tonks noblepratremus ahoy i love him and feel canon also remus/tonks as a heads up for all you rabid remus/sirius. Quixotomy i know it's not canon, strictly speaking, but it almost seems to be with the amount of support it garners and yes, i do see how it has more of a grounding. Anonymous said: head canon on remus james and sirius being dom'ed for once would include love your blog btw and congrats on 500 answer: you’re so right and. Tagged with remus lupin august 19th a multi-media remus/sirius extravaganze remus lupin wrote an essay about quidditch and sex in his seventh year. Other canon more essays to prove the truth of their story, remus and sirius forced peter pettigrew 2018 the harry potter lexicon.

Shipping name of the romantic slash pairing of harry potter characters remus lupin and sirius black it is unknown whether wolfstar is canon or not. Nearly every conceivable conspiracy theory has been rolled out to explain why sirius getting away with murder - snape, sirius i have a whole head canon that i. Sirius and remus raise harry headcanon au where sirius isn’t blamed/framed for all of his crimes, and he ends up with custody of harry thank merlin he and remus. What’s the problem with remus lupin my head canon (again, emphasis on in order of the phoenix remus and sirius live together and they send harry.

remus sirius canon essay remus sirius canon essay
Remus sirius canon essay
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